Every site is customized to your precise needs.  We'll discuss your needs, then we'll begin work.  You'll have an opportunity to comment on its progress, and we'll then refine your site to ensure it meets your expectations.

We'll estimate the cost and timeframe needed to accomplish your site's goals.  When possible, we'll quote it as a fixed cost.  A partial retainer payment then initiates your work.  The balance payment will be due upon completion of your site.

The elements needed are the site's domain name, it's hosting, and of course it's content.  The domain name registration and hosting for a one year period is typically around $100.  Our work to structure the site, develop it's functionality and help create it's content, along with publishing it typically costs around $495.  For some sites, our work may cost less, for others it may cost more, which we can define after discussing your needs.  Of course, we need you to provide it's baseline content.  If you have an old site that we're updating for you, we can re-use appropriate content.

Once your new site is ready for your review, you'll have 30 days to comment and suggest refinements.

Thereafter, if you'd like us to maintain your site, typically adding a new page or new section is $49, and typical page or section updates is $29.  Ongoing maintenance contracts are also available that you may find economical.

The best way to get started is to begin a discussion of your site needs and desires.  Call today to get started.
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Web Design.  It's all about presenting your business, products and service in the best light.  And its important to do that in a concise, attractive and pixel perfect way.  You only get a few seconds to make a good first impression.

We can help you create your web presence from scratch, or modernize an existing design.  We can help you create your logo, choose appropriate artwork, and create site content.

And we can take care of all the back office tasks of domain registration, hosting setup, content publishing, and of maintaining your site's content up to date.

And we guarantee that you'll be happy with the result.
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